Yacht Brokers Association (YBA) in Announces Strategic Partnership with YATCO

Istanbul, Turkey – Yacht Brokers Association (YBA) is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with YATCO, The Trusted MLS Search of Yachting. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in strengthening the yacht brokerage industry in Türkiye and Eastern Europe. This underline our commitment to elevating professionalism and standards within the rapidly growing yachting environment in the region.

About the Partnership

This strategic alliance will see YBA collaborating closely with YATCO, leveraging their expertise, commitment to central listings, and cutting-edge technology. YATCO will provide valuable advice to YBA on prospects from Türkiye, facilitating the implementation of industry standards and advanced technological systems to enhance productivity. In return, YBA will leverage its network to introduce clients to YATCO’s advanced technological systems, including YATCO BOSS, YATCO’s AI Assistant, and YATCO’s Mobile BOSS App, streamlining business processes for more efficient operations.

YBA Turkey, as a respected association in the Turkish yachting industry, shares industry standards, best practices, and local customs with YATCO. This collaboration ensures that YATCO’s services align with the expectations and practices of the Turkish yachting community.

Quote from YBA’s President, Güray Bulut

“The partnership with YATCO allows us to emphasize our principles and efforts in maintaining the standards within the current growing yachting environment in Türkiye. We are optimistic that both YATCO and YBA will benefit from our shared values. We eagerly look forward to experiencing the potential of this partnership and its positive effects on yacht sales, charter, and new builds in Türkiye with the dedication of all parties.”

Quote from CEO of YATCO, Steven Myers

“We are excited by this new partnership with the YBA. Türkiye is a rapidly growing market with a number of reputable brokers and builders that have been doing excellent business there for years. As a growing charter destination, we are seeing more and more people visit the region and see the yachting facilities and standards that exist, and thereby an increase in demand for Turkish products. We’re proud to partner with the YBA and increase international yacht sales and charters from our partner to the region.”


YATCO, the Trusted Global Marketplace of Yachting™, brings over 20 years of experience to the yachts for sale marketplace. As the world’s leading online service dedicated exclusively to central listings by qualified professionals, YATCO supports over 3,000 yachting professionals and facilitates over $7.5 billion a year in sold vessel transactions through its proprietary BOSS (Back Office Software Solution). Committed to elevating the global industry, YATCO serves the professional yachting community with accuracy, integrity, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

About YBA Türkiye

YBA Türkiye aims to support the development of the sector in Türkiye, raise awareness, and establish, maintain, and develop the standards of the yacht brokerage profession. We also strive to increase the visibility of brokers on both national and international platforms, fostering relationships between national and international brokers and turning these relations into new projects. Our commitment includes staying up-to-date, supporting members with seminars and consultancy, and sharing experience and knowledge to strengthen commercial relations while prioritizing maritime customs and traditions.

Closing Statement

YBA Türkiye is excited about this partnership with YATCO and believes it will contribute significantly to the growth and professionalism of the yachting industry in Türkiye. We look forward to a collaborative and successful venture that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Contact Information

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